Techwear Tops

Discover the pinnacle fusion of covert action-capability with provocatively pragmatic aesthetic in our collection of techwear tops for women. More than merely athletic or designer, expect gear engineered to equip lethality behind its bewitching facade.

Techwear Tank Tops

Enhance your tactical prowess with our cutting-edge techwear tank tops, designed to seamlessly integrate into your modular gear setup. These lightweight, MOLLE-woven garments provide a comfortable base for adding holsters and other accessories without compromising mobility. The moisture-wicking material ensures you stay cool and dry even during intense activities, while the discreet holster integration keeps your gear concealed and accessible. Elevate your tactical presence and revolutionise your inner operator with our aesthetic techwear tank tops.

Women’s Techwear Tops

Dress with an edge in our meticulously tailored techwear tops, engineered specifically for the feminine physique. Our resilient fabrics seamlessly drape over your curves, providing both concealment and freedom of movement. Strategic wrappings discretely secure essential items across your bust, ensuring you are always prepared for the unexpected. Our signature muted hues blend seamlessly into any environment, ensuring you move with the utmost stealth. Express your inner operator and embrace the epitome of functional style with our women's techwear tops.

Techwear Crop Top

Embrace the raw power of your physique with our techwear crop top serie, crafted from quick-drying elastane blends to endure the rigours of intense physical activity. Their abbreviated cut exposes your toned midriff, a testament to your dedication and discipline. Strategically positioned pockets discreetly conceal your essential gear alongside your abdomen, ensuring ready access even during the most demanding situations. Elevate your presence and command attention with our techwear crop tops, the perfect embodiment of urban warrior chic.

How to Style Techwear Tops for Women

Dominate the urban jungle with our techwear tops, designed to seamlessly blend functionality and allure. Layer our lightweight tanks under overcoats, concealing your tactical arsenal with an air of mystery. Pair our tops with provocative techwear women pants, showcasing your curves while maintaining the edge that defines the techwear aesthetic.

Let the distinctive athleisure appeal of our pieces tease and tantalise, projecting an aura of both power and vulnerability. Embrace the duality of techwear, where functionality and style intertwine to create a compelling and formidable presence.

Stand lethal wearing our techwear tops purpose-built for beauty with bite. Browse the Techwear Women Pants collection curated for sublime yet ruthless women seeking garments cut for their frame. Discover the tools to own darkness.