Techwear Overalls

Arm yourself in our techwear overalls, built to carry provisions into hazardous city depths after dark, fortifying body and soul. As civil twilight fades, peril awakens. Dangers stir in hollowed towers while marauders harvest flesh in the alleys. When darkness blankets urban zones, the meek shall flounder, the prepared prevail.

Tactical Jumpsuit

Embark on aggressive rapid response across all terrain with our tactical jumpsuits, featuring exoskeletal armour fortified with war-wicking ballistic weave for unmatched CQC manoeuvrability. Integral pneumatics generate fight-crushing kicks to neutralise threats, while extremities can be equipped with straps or pockets to effortlessly incapacitate unarmored vulnerabilities. These decisive offensive platforms enable you to wreak havoc without compromising your defences.

Tactical Overalls

As civilization corrodes, arm yourself with our Tactical Overalls to navigate the perilous unknown. Our tactical overalls offer the ideal tools to carve fresh territory, thrive in volatility, and cement new order upon the wastelands. Customizable exoskeletons empower free movement through jagged ruins while eluding automated defences. Integrated instruments guarantee rapid threat response across lawless zones. Only the prepared shall dictate anarchic terrain yet uncharted.

For an additional barrier layer offering integrated storage, wear over one of our stealth-optimised Techwear Pants. Breathable composite fabrics withstand abrasion from harsh concrete while padding shields from impact trauma

The Techwear Overall made in Australia

Our Australian-made techwear overalls reinvent the classic one-piece with futuristic functionality. Constructed from durable ripstop fabric right here in our Melbourne facilities, these unisex overalls are engineered for urban exploration. An articulated design with gusseted rear creates unhindered movement while the multiple integrated cargo pockets provide ample storage. Strategic mesh paneling enables temperature and moisture control. Fashioned in a slim yet non-restrictive silhouette, these cyberpunk-inspired overalls represent the cutting edge in locally produced technical streetwear. Get ahead in Australia's own vision of hi-tech style - shop now to secure these limited edition futureproof overalls.