Techwear Shorts

When shadows descend, most attire cowers - ours commands. Our techwear shorts collection arms you for dominating the perilous urban night.

When is Shorts Weather in AU?

In Australia, shorts weather typically lasts from early spring through late autumn due to the hot climate. During the summer months of December, January and February, temperatures frequently exceed 30°C nationwide. This intense heat makes shorts the typical attire choice for much of the year. Even in the southern states, average seasonal temperatures ranging 15-26°C allow wearing shorts comfortably except in mid-winter.

Tactical Cargo Shorts

Our tactical cargo shorts are armed for urban exploration with features that endure the most extreme conditions. Rugged ripstop fabric resists wear, whilst an expansive cargo pocket system offers ample storage space for mission critical items. Moisture-wicking mesh linings ensure optimal temperature regulation and mobility. Reinforced belt loops anchor a durable tactical belt, while adjustable Velcro leg openings secure a precision fit. With covert yet functional aesthetics, these weather-resistant shorts prime you for conquering the tactical landscape.

Utility Cargo Shorts

Blizzard or heatwave, our utility cargo shorts equip you to seize the day in commanding comfort. High-denier nylon fabric shields against abrasions from the perilous urban jungle. An intuitive cargo pocket design grants access to tools and essentials. Core-regulating grid fleece linings banish discomfort, whilst gusseted construction permits limitless mobility. With ankle drawcords for dialled-in defence, these shorts arm you with adaptable, durable performance to step boldly into man’s domain.

Street Style Shorts

Whilst conventional shorts wither under summer’s offensive, ours retaliate with resilience. Our Street Style range activates daring looks with flex-woven fabric that thrives under pressure. An unrestricted silhouette animated by strategic panelling supports agile mobility. Quad cargo pockets add imposing storage without compromising an avant-garde profile. With these shorts, you dictate summer on your terms. Their breathable armour eradicates heat exhaustion and self-doubt alike.

Pair with one of our formidably durable techwear shirts for powerful UV protection. Our techwear shorts collection arms you to weather blistering summers in standout style.