Techwear Jackets

Our techwear jackets master the streets and beyond. Streamlined silhouettes, like versatile windbreakers and sleek trenches, move with you. Build for both cities and trails, they're wardrobe upgrades made to traverse all terrain in weather-resistant style.

What is a Techwear Jacket?

Techwear jackets fuse fashion with advanced functional design. Unlike standard jackets, they utilise technical fabrics engineered for optimising durability, weather protection, breathability and mobility. Expect precise articulated shaping for dynamic movement along with integrated storage solutions.

The Benefits of Wearing a Techwear Jacket

  • Weatherproof and abrasion-resistant fabrics shield you from the elements
  • Breathable membranes prevent overheating and condensation
  • Articulated shaping guarantees complete freedom of movement
  • Integrated storage pockets and compartments conveniently carry small essentials
  • Understated, stealth-inspired style blends into urban environments

Different Types of Techwear Jackets

Our collection offers different jackets tailored to varying conditions and threats lurking within the concrete jungle shadows.

Softshell Jackets

Lightweight yet rugged, softshell techwear jackets deliver wind and water resistance with breathable comfort. Abrasion reinforcements withstand scrapes from the crumbling city terrain.

Hardshell Jackets

Engineered for the most extreme meteorological threats, hardshell tech jackets provide impenetrable defence with fully sealed waterproof and breathable membranes along with insulation for retaining warmth.

Find the Perfect Techwear Jacket

We equip stealth jackets for every modern urban explorer ready to brave the elements while traversing the darker recesses of the city landscape after sunset.

For Urban Explorers

Street-ready techwear jackets crafted for investigating underground night culture while enduring unexpected conditions.

For Outdoor Adventurers

Rugged designs equipped with the technical and ergonomic features necessary for camping, hiking and survival expeditions.

For Everyday Wear

Low-key jackets provide a subtle tactical edge along with everyday carry capacity and resilient fabrics designed for commutes, travel and EDC.

Techwear Windbreakers: Stay Dry and Stylish

Packed with advanced membranes and durable water repellents to shield you from piercing winds and frigid rains during expeditions into the concrete abyss.

Are Techwear Jackets Waterproof?

Our hardshell jackets implement the latest waterproof yet breathable fabrics technology to keep you dry without compromising ventilation. For extreme monsoon-like downpours, select a techwear parka for impermeable protection.

Techwear Parkas: Stay Warm and Bold In Any Weather

Battle punishing winds and icy rains wearing our insulating techwear parkas designed for retaining precious body heat when temperatures violently drop. Find shelter from the storm inside an impenetrable fortress shielding you from the most battering squalls.

Techwear Overcoats: Stay Edgy and Protected From the Elements

Lightweight trench coats and overcoats providing a first line of defense against the volatile, ever-shifting urban climate while oozing cyberpunk edge. The water-resistant exterior diffuses light rainfall so you dictate the conditions.

Techwear Bomber Jackets: Stay Urban and Functional

Street-ready bomber jackets upgraded with technical fabrics and articulated construction that guarantees complete mobility. The insulated midlayer guards your core from piercing winds while abundant pockets carry everyday gear.

Urban Ninja Jackets: Stay Futuristic and Stealthy

Embody the future mercenary ethos wearing our covert urban ninja jackets tailored for stealth movements through the neon cityscape. With their understated technical aesthetics, these jacket rigs prime infiltration while shielding you from the offensive.

For additional insulating mid layers beneath your exterior tech shell, explore our selection of futuristic techwear hoodies. Engineered with moisture-wicking sweatshirt fabric and ergonomic shaping, these formidably cold-weather hoodies perfectly complement our hardshell and softshell jackets.

Find the Best Techwear Jacket in Australia

Whether you're braving the bustling streets of Melbourne, hiking amidst Tasmania's wild beauty, or seeking sun-soaked serenity in Byron Bay, finding the perfect techwear jacket for Australia's diverse landscapes can be a challenge. With variable weather across Australia, finding the ideal Techwear outerwear is key to staying comfortable year-round. From lightweight windbreakers to insulated parkas equipped for the harshest conditions, today’s technical outerwear combines performance with protection and style. We’ve researched the top techwear jacket designs available in Australia to help you discover the perfect piece for your needs.

Whether you’re an urban commuter, outdoor adventurer or simply want a versatile jacket, our guide covers critical factors like weather resistance, breathability, mobility and integrated technology. Plus we provide specific product recommendations across budgets. Read on to shop the best techwear jackets in Australia for men and women this season.