Techwear Harness

Conquer concrete jungles with our Techwear Harness, a weaponized accessory that blends military precision with cyberpunk chic. Leave a trail of awe and envy as you navigate city streets with effortless grace.

Strap sleek lethality over concealed techwear bodysuits with our tactical harnesses—specially engineered rigs designed for stabilising specialised instruments across fluid firefights. Constructed from weather-treated polymers, these strategic rigs contour lethal feminine forms.

Techwear Harnesses

Our techwear harnesses seamlessly blend modular accessories with form-fitting stealth uniforms, yielding decisive tactical advantages. Discreet armour inserts deftly protect vital areas, absorbing kinetic trauma without hindering agility. Optional holsters can be outfitted with specialised projectiles, enabling blazing-fast draw speeds and split-second access amidst rapid manoeuvres.

Techwear Chest Harnesses

Chest harnesses secure firearms, projectile caches and shock canisters across bust lines for frontal assaults. Some feature Quick Release systems to jettison gear when compromised while Flex-woven elastane smoothly expands and contracts, securing payload across all manoeuvres.

Techwear Leg Harnesses

Our techwear leg harnesses seamlessly integrate impact guards into your toned thighs and calves, fortifying your movements for kinetic techniques and high-impact activities. Harness your legs on our provocative techwear leg harnesses, engineered to seamlessly blend tactical functionality with a futuristic aesthetic, ensuring your gear remains secure and stylish throughout any dynamic manoeuvre.

Techwear Leg Straps

Upon neutralising threats, seamlessly reupholster your blades, leaving no trace of their existence. These ingenious techwear leg straps blend seamlessly with your attire, ensuring your stealth and anonymity remain intact. Embrace the duality of power and discretion, maintaining an air of mystery even as you wield the means to protect yourself.

Gear up for intense battles wielding subversive advantages - our stealth harnesses pioneering accessories engineered for lethal feminine authority rather than crude masculinity. Browse then complete the look with seductively functional Techwear Tops cut for deadly curves over crude lines.