Techwear Jewelry

Accentuate your counterculture ensemble by equipping Blackout's subversive techwear jewelry arsenal, from engraved torque bracelets to gothic chain hardware that boosts urban camouflage credentials for those who stalk the fringes.

Our collection presents the best in techwear jewelry and accessories, to complement darkwear, urban cyberpunk wardrobes.

Techwear Rings

Explore our selection of tactical rings adorned with cubic zirconia and made of enduring stainless steel, silicone or titanium in matte black or gray.

From industrial rings and textured stacking bands to magnetic puzzle rings, these tech accessories are engineered to last through daily streetwear and add flair to goth punk looks.

Our launch collection β€œDecode” boasts sleek coded message rings and decoder pendants imbued with hidden mutual affection between partners.

Shop unisex and adjustable metal statement rings, wide rubber dome rings with negative space, NFC rings hiding digital secrets only unlocked through phone taps, and more.

Techwear pioneers, discover the next generation of cyberpunk jewelry rings made for the concrete jungle.

Techwear Necklaces

Complete your futuristic look with our unisex techwear necklaces. Featuring industrial chains, black cord and bead options made to layer or stand alone.

Explore key shaped and hexagonal carbon fiber pendants, or engraved circle tag necklaces broadcasting your chosen techwear tribe. We offer matte black, gunmetal and silver toned metals to match your dark pallet.

Around the neck or clinging across your chest, our geometric charms and dog tags will add utilitarian flair. The machined stainless steel is durable enough for urban exploration while maintaining a 130 g lightweight feel.

Our designer, former mechanical engineer Arden Lee, brings patent-pending innovations like magnetic clasps for quick release and adjustable open & close chains meaning no more fiddling with tricky lobster clasps.

Complete your modern minimalist look with our necklaces or layer multiple for an industrial tone. Discover the balance between avant-garde elegance and versatility in our adaptive urban techwear jewelry pieces.

Techwear Earrings

Our collection of unisex techwear earrings offers a modern edge for sharp dressed pioneers of urban exploration.

From thin black hoops to industrial barbells and plugs, these pieces integrate futuristic materials like carbon fiber, matte black titanium and sleek stainless steel.

Explore our hexagonal stud earrings accented with red LED lights that gently glow, subtle but visible in the dim city nights. Or check out Arden Lee's signature earring design, the Asphalt Attackers - black arrowheads made of layered carbon fiber poised to hunt and gather compliments.

Our earrings are designed for stretched ears or standard piercings. With non-allergenic, skin safe materials you can wear these low profile pieces all day in comfort. The waterproof surface and sturdy craftsmanship ensures longevity through daily streetwear action.

Techwear pioneers looking for unisex accents, discover our modern cyberpunk jewelry earrings made for self expression against the decaying concrete jungle.

Techwear Bracelets

Finish off your wrist stack with our adaptive techwear bracelets made for urban action.

Explore wide black silicone bands with hidden NFC chip technology, touch your phone to unlock secret digital messages. Or check our woven paracord bracelets with titanium magnetic bead closures for quick dressing and removal.

Our machined stainless steel ID plates are engraved with your choice of symbols and messages then secured with durable black cords. These dog tags identify your techwear tribe membership through discreet oppressive system rebellion.

Arden Lee's carbon fiber and stainless steel layered bangles add an avant-garde edge, while the engraved hexagram cuffs pull inspiration from sacred geometry and occult myths.

With adjustable links and comfortable lightweight builds, our unisex bracelets secure your accessories across parkour, skating and urban warfare against crumbling infrastructure decay.

Reclaim control of your autonomy and surroundings through these symbols of defiance and dark revolution burnished against your wrists.

Techwear Watches

Equip your wrist for the streets with our functional unisex techwear watches. Built for resilient urban exploration with indestructible bands and stealth tactical faces.

Our blacked-out digital watches feature Japanese quartz movements with mineral glass crystal faces, LCD negative displays and IP67 waterproof stainless steel cases. The tactile buttons are textured for ease of use while gloved or in the dark.

Wrapped in 30mm wide black silicone straps, these timepieces are flexible and breathable. The band locks securely with a titanium buckle engraved with our hexagram logo.

Packed with utilities like countdown timers, dual time zones, chronograph stopwatch measures and date calendars alongside the standard analog clock. The long-life batteries keep the LED backlights running for at-a-glance time checks during parkour getaways or skating the abandoned flood channels.

For solo urban operators or paired with Decode message rings, our monochromatic cyberpunk watches complete the modern warrior toolkit for concrete jungle survival.

Techwear Jewelry for Men

Gents, equip your urban toolkit with our durable rings, pendants and watches - techwear jewelry designed for disruptive ingenuity.

Our masculine dark pieces use industrial metals, carbon fiber, silicone and leather. Remain lightweight and comfortable with water resistant attributes for street exploration.

Showcase multidimensional style with minimalist hexagons, cubes and arrows in neutral, tactical palettes. Match our wider range of tech apparel.

With engineered longevity, our plugs, tunnels and bars augment perception. Bracelets, rings and pendants hide NFC surprises across the concrete jungle.

Rebel gadget clad ronin, evoke technological synergy between flesh and future in our disruptive mens cyberpunk jewelry.

Techwear Jewelry for Women

Ladies, equip ensembles with our collection of sleek techwear jewelry designed for disruptive femininity. Explore necklaces, earrings, rings and cuffs using geometric black metals, industrial chains and carbon fiber beads.

Discover engraved tag pendants and coded reactor core necklaces that interact with NFC rings to exchange encrypted secrets. Our arrowhead stud earrings represent resilience and lethality.

How can Women Integrate Techwear Jewels in Urban Outfits?

Incorporate minimalist yet strong techwear jewelry pieces. Try thin matte black chokers, small hoops, helix piercings, and carbon fiber beads to build geometric symmetry.

On wrists, engrave ID tags and stack dome rings with hexagonal cuffs for a vigilante gauntlet display when exploring urban nights.

Around fingers, tap NFC rings opening digital doors while black bands, multi-tone stackers and coded rings show underground allegiance.

I shortened it to the key points while still highlighting the most relevant keywords and coverging the main unique selling points. Let me know if you need any parts expanded or additional details covered!

Cyberpunk Jewelry

Discover our collection of cyberpunk inspired jewelry. These dark, futuristic accessories capture the gritty aesthetic of urban dystopian fiction and technical ingenuity.

Geometric Cyberpunk Earrings: Crafted from Tactical Materials

Our cyberpunk earrings use geometric shapes and industrial materials like stainless steel, black titanium and carbon fiber. Explore sleek arrowheads, minimalist bars and plugs, angular studs and discs with hidden tech like red LED lights.

Rebellious NFC Cyberpunk Rings: Secretly Exchange Encrypted Messages

Shop statement rings featuring encrypted NFC chips to secretly exchange messages, wide dome bands with negative space, multi-tone stackers and coded couples rings with hidden mutual affection.

Glowing Cyberpunk Necklaces: Program Your Futuristic Statement

Discover reactor core pendants with vibrant glow effects, long hexagonal chains, black beaded chokers, and dog tags broadcasting your chosen allegiance. Layer multiple for a post-apocalyptic edge.

Quick Release Cyberpunk Bracelets: Gear Up for Urban Exploration

Finish your darkwear wrist stack with engraved ID plates on black cords, wide hex cuffs with occult symbols, and woven paracord bands with magnetic titanium closures for quick dressing and removal.

Sleek Cyberpunk Pendants: Reflect the Dystopian Urban Landscape

Explore our radioactively glowing reactor core pendants wired to interact with NFC rings, exchanging encrypted secrets through close contact. The cylindrical glass vials filled with vibrant liquids hang from sleek black chains.

Decipher Hidden Codes with Puzzle-like Cyberpunk Rings: Weatherproof Design

Our unisex cyberpunk rings feature hidden utilities like NFC chips to unlock secret messages through phone taps. Shop tactile puzzle rings with shifting bands, coded couples rings, and wide dome designs with negative space.

Techwear Jewelry Designed for Australian Cities

As Melbourne-based designers, we expertly craft durable cyberpunk accessories to thrive in Australia's extreme urban conditions year-round.

Our stealth black palette and weatherproof industrial materials blend Russian cyberpunk aesthetic with reliability to withstand scorching Aussie summers, bitterly cold winters and stomping through harsh urban terrains.

The neutral mix of blacks, greys and silvers complements our wider range of local techwear for a cohesive homegrown style. Every unique unisex piece sings with resilience against the unrelenting Australian backdrop.

From encoded message rings to reactive glow core necklaces; functional magnetic bracelets to LED hexagonal earrings: we imbue local technology and symbols for navigating the terrain.

Build a complete juggernaut armoury designed for our climate and cities. Shop time-tested cyberpunk accessories equipped for existing in Australia's distinctive future-noir landscape. Survival of the grittiest.

Our Techwear Jewels

Discover adaptive Australian made techwear jewelry built to the highest standards for urban resilience.

We utilize skin-safe metals, durable materials like medical steel, aircraft titanium, carbon fiber and flexible rubber/silicone moulded into everyday pieces.

Their neutral palettes effortlessly match our wider technical apparel and accessories, while the multi-functional designs provide embedded NFC chips, encrypted messages and reactive light effects.

Engraved pendants and coded reactor necklaces exchange secret information between partners. Functional paracord bracelets equip tools for exploring decaying city terrains.

Layer the rings, cuffs, studs and chains as dynamic shields against crumbling infrastructure. Our urban-ready cyber collective thrives eternally.

Complete the futuristic techwear silhouette with our collection of unisex techwear chest rigs. Engineered for both style and functionality, these chest rigs seamlessly integrate with your existing techwear jewelry, offering additional storage and utility for your essential urban exploration gear. Explore our range and discover the perfect chest rig to complete your dystopian-inspired ensemble.