Techwear Glasses

Redefine vision of the urban landscape by equipping eyes with Blackout’s optics-enhancing techwear glasses to peer through darkness, filter digital threats, and impose menacing presence on those who dare stare back.

Cyberpunk Sunglasses

Teleport into a dark sci-fi future with Blackout’s Cyberpunk Sunglasses.

These radical wraparound shades combine an aggressive angular design with utilitarian details suited for a dystopian megacity.

Durable extended temples lined with steel bolts provide a sturdy grip while rubber pads ensure all-day comfort.

TR90 construction offers long-lasting flexibility so you can focus on the cybernetic threats ahead.

Our custom tri-lens system features one polarized emerald lens for reducing glare and two matching accessory lenses to mix up your look.

The central green lens reflects neon hues with its holographic mirrored coating, straight out of Ghost in the Shell.

Quickly swap out the accessory lenses to go from the gritty streets to an underground rave at a moment’s notice.

Clear lenses give you enhanced vision of the imminent dangers in the darkness while our signature x-ray lenses add a touch of rave chic.

The easily interchangeable lenses all provide 100% protection from harsh UV rays thanks to durable polycarbonate light filtering.

Our Cyberpunk Sunglasses are made for anyone who dreams of futuristic cyber adventures.

Whether you’re exploring the dark urban underworld of Blade Runner's LA or facing the vast post-apocalyptic Australian outback, we’ve got you covered.

The durable construction and concealed spring hinges retain their shape after getting tossed in your jet black tactical backpack.

Slip on these radical cyberpunk shades and step into the retro-future.

Laser Sunglasses

Bring a futuristic edge to your eyewear with our Laser Sunglasses from Blackout.

These angular pilot-style shades feature a wrap-around design perfect for filtering the intense glare of the Australian sun.

Hidden along the sleek frame lies our integrated laser projection system for displaying custom graphics and text.

With the wireless controller keep stashed in your jacket, discretely put your shades into projection mode anytime inspiration strikes.

Display messages across buildings at night to mystify urban explorers with your cryptic communiques.

The high-contrast laser optics allow your projections to cut through even the harshest light pollution in the heart of the city.

Quickly slip the shades back over your eyes to avoid detection after your moment of spectacle theater.

Whether you’re a vigilante projection artist or just looking to augment reality with your own tags, these multi-use shades keep things interesting.

The integrated laser system sets our shades apart from standard cyberpunk glasses with unique showmanship.

Yet the durable construction and UV protection keeps your vision sharp for navigating the unpredictable conditions of futuristic life.

Slide on our Laser Sunglasses for melding bleeding-edge optics and retro-future style from Blackout.

Cybergoth Glasses

Unleash your dark avant-garde style with Blackout’s Cybergoth Glasses.

These statement-making wraparound goggles feature menacing spikes and an intricate cog design.

Adjustable straps lined with rubber pads ensure all-day comfort during your nocturnal exploits.

The integrated LED lighting cycles through colors like red, green, and purple to match the beat.

Activate glow mode to shine as the center of attention at the industrial-fused rave.

The transparent polycarbonate lens filters 95% of glare-causing UV rays so you can navigate the darkness in color-drenched clarity.

These rechargeable cybergoth goggles also feature manual mode to customize colors and effects.

Sequence through all the shades of the rainbow or pulse to the rhythm of pounding synthwaves and heavy bass.

The wireless controller attaches discretely onto the arm so adjustments are quick and subtle.

Or surprise partygoers by switching your goggles into full-blown lightshow spectacle at the drop.

When the sun eventually rises, the lens adapts to daytime conditions by auto-dimming LED brightness.

So you can go straight from the underground event to grabbing diner food while still dazzling.

Our Cybergoth Glasses ensure your cyber-fused persona shines through no matter the hour.

Scarlxrd Goggles

Inspired by the aggressive trap metal artist scarlxrd, our scarlxrd goggles make a bold statement.

These oversized wraparound frames feature a flexible bridge and temples for a customizable fit.

The interchangeable lenses come in dark tint, clear, and our signature x-ray style to match your vibe.

Durable yet lightweight construction stands up to rough daily use without weighing you down.

The grippy rubber nose pads keep them secure when headbanging to scarlxrd's intense tracks like BERZERK and DEMXNS & ANGELS at his live concerts.

Take these bold goggles from the mosh pit to the streets and get ready to turn heads with your cyberpunk-meets-punk look.

As always, our lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and glare reduction to shield your eyes in true techwear function.

Express your dynamic style while protecting your vision with Blackout's scarlxrd collection.

Our scarlxrd goggles are designed specifically for fans of his intense trap metal music and post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

The aggressive silhouette and mix of futuristic and tactical details capture his cyberpunk-meets-punk essence.

Whether you're going to his next concert or stepping into a dystopian future, these glasses help set the mood.

The flexible wraparound shape ensures a secure fit during action-packed escapades while shielding your eyes.

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Best Techwear Glasses in Australia

Australia is known for its harsh climate and rugged landscape. Whether exploring the outback or just dealing with the intense sun glare, having durable, high-performance eyewear is essential.

That's why we curated this collection of the best techwear glasses available in Australia. Our futuristic frames are designed specifically for Australian conditions - protecting your eyes while expressing your dynamic style.

Crafted by our own homegrown brand, Blackout, this forward-thinking eyewear fuses technology with fashion. Every pair features scratch-resistant polarized or photochromic lenses to filter glare, harmful UV rays, and adapt to changing light. The durable construction stands up to everyday adventures without compromising aesthetics.

Elevate your techwear eyewear with our curated selection of avant-garde Techwear Jewelry. Crafted from stainless steel and boasting bold, statement-making designs, these pieces transcend mere adornment, transforming into functional conversation starters.